Therapy Groups

Join us for our first ever virtual therapeutic group-- The Fourth Trimester Support Group. This group is perfect for mamas of babies 4 months and younger to find community and a safe space to process the transition to motherhood or life with multiples. We will touch on healing, bonding with baby, routines, relationships throughout postpartum, baby sleep, social support, parenting during covid, and more.


This closed group will run for six sessions beginning on Wednesday, February 16th at 11:30am CST/9:30am PST. Participation will be a $300 total investment for all sessions and resources, unless covered by your insurance. Currently, we are only accepting residents of California and Kentucky.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to ask any questions or register for the group. We look forward to building bonds and being a part of your journey!

Therapy Group FAQs


+What is a closed group?

A closed therapy group is one that starts and ends with the same participants, in a cohort style. This helps build relationships, trust, and friendships.

+What insurances can be billed?

Currently, for CA, Vicky is in network with: Anthem, BCBS, + Aetna. For KY, Beth is in network with BCBS + Aetna. 

+Can I bring my baby?

Of course! Our sessions will be online, from the comfort of your own home. Feed your baby, stay on the floor for tummy time, or join us as your partner watches the baby - all are ok! We only ask that if your baby is having a really hard time, please mute yourself for that moment. Babies will cry, so please don't feel like you have to be hypervigilant and mute/unmute yourself multiple times a session. 

+What do we talk about, and what does a group session look like?

We always start session with a check in, where we ask how your week has been, and follow up on what we talked about the prior week. You may choose to just be an observer, and not share that week if you choose not to. Afterwards, we touch on one of these subjects:

  • how to get sleep/rest with an infant

  • nutrition while caring for self and baby

  • getting the emotional support that you need from friends/family

       members (and from group members, too!)

  • exercise and time for yourself

  • infant milestones and how to build attachment with my infant

  • relationships changes with partner, family, and friends

We will end each session with a goal/intention for the following week, along with a breathing exercise or mindfulness moment. 

+How does confidentiality in a group setting work?

We will ask that each participant refrain from sharing what goes on with anyone outside the group. In fact, we will have everyone in the group sign a form that says just that. Group therapy is a confidential, safe space where mom get to connect and discuss intimate details of the transition to parenthood, while receiving support from perinatal mental health trained therapists and other mamas.