Empowering Mantras for Mamas

Ever notice how everyone has an opinion to share, an expectation that they are ready to put upon you, and many other 'helpful' tid-bits inserted into every day conversation? We wonder if they found it helpful in the early stages of their motherhood? Odds are, probably not...We sure didn't!

Here's what we did find helpful: choosing what we let ourselves focus on from people's conversations, setting appropriate boundaries with friends and family, and repeating empowering mantras.....over and over and over....

Here are some positive ones to focus on:

1. “My baby/child loves and needs me.”

2. “Not loving every moment of motherhood does not mean I do not love being a mother.”

3. “Getting angry does not mean I am a bad mother, as I am allowed to experience my

own emotions.”

4. “I can ask for what I need - my needs matter, too.”

5. “My body has done amazing things to bring life into the world.”

6. “I know better than anyone what my child needs.”

7. “I am not my parents and can raise my children how I see fit.”

Write these on your bathroom mirror,

stick them on your fridge, or display them around the house on sticky notes.

You got this mama!

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